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As pregnancy progresses, your center of gravity shifts forward which can cause strain and discomfort in your lower back. Here are some tips from Dr. Jennifer Mushtaler to help you enjoy your pregnancy free from back pain!

1. Practice good posture by standing and sitting tall with your shoulders back and your knees slightly bent. When sitting, place your feet on a low stool.

2. Squat and lift from your legs instead of bending at the waist to pick something up.
3. Try sleeping on your side with a pillow between the knees.
4. Alternate warm and cool packs to the lower back.
5. Gently stretch your lower back muscles by resting on your hands and knees with your head in line with your back, then round your back slightly and hold for ten seconds.
6. Consider complimentary therapies such as massage, chiropractic reatment, acupuncture or a maternity belt.
7. Keep up with regular physical activity.

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