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I am going to let you in on a little secret. I have been practicing obstetrics and gynecology for over ten years now, I have cared for thousands of women through all manner of women’s medical issues, I have been pregnant and delivered two wonderful daughters, and I still dread going to the ob/gyn for my exam.

Will my ob/gyn use the plastic or the metal speculum? Did I shave too much or too little? Oh, fiddlesticks! I just realized I totally forgot to shave my legs, and I will have to leave my socks on because I am way overdue nail polish on my toes. Oh please Lord let my deodorant be working extra hard today because I can’t stop thinking about plastic or metal and now I am beginning to perspire and my
appointment isn’t until this afternoon. Yes, ob/gyn’s dread their own ob/gyn exams, too.

A few years ago my young girls became accomplished statisticians. They had concluded with reasonable probability that if we were going to visit the pediatrician, one or both of them would be statistically likely to receive a shot. Not wanting them to dread (read violently resist) going, I proposed that if they
received a shot, we would go for a treat of their choice afterwards. It worked!

Then I had a wonderful thought! What if my patients were to receive a small treat to ease the anxiety of coming to the ob/gyn? Something sweet and thoughtful that acknowledges that you might not have really wanted to, but you came in to take care of yourself? Sitting in a jar on the table you will ALWAYS find an assortment of small chocolates. Please help yourself, and we won’t tell anyone if you take two pieces.
We know, we understand; you were very brave.

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